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3K Woven Carbon Fiber Sheets In Aerospace Industry

Time:6 August 2016 Click:421

3K Woven Carbon Fiber Sheets is strong
Carbon firber sheets is conductive.
It is light in weight.
It is high temperature-resistant, corrosion-resistant

In aerospace such defense industry, high-performance carbon fibers has become a irreplaceable strategic base material. It is also put in high status in lightweight or structural materials with high strength such fields. With the development of the carbon fibers technical standard and the improvement of carbon fiber level application, high-performance carbon fibers are now in greater need especially in aerospace industry.

3K Woven Carbon Fiber Sheets manufacturer for aerospace industry

Commercial aircraft will be able to save about $3000 a year of fuel for each kilogram of weight loss. The long-range rocket, the spacecraft will be able to save 10000 dollars of fuel per kilogram of weight loss. Weight loss can effectly increase the payload while reducing the cost of flight. Therefore, the high speed flight field is very sensitive to the weight of the material.

Carbon fibers is one kind of fibrous material with very high quality and light weight. It is shaped through pyrolysis method. Carbon fiber is black.

Aircraft is with high velocity and large overload. So it rise high and strict standard on material strength and anti-deformation function.

In addition to aerospace field, carbon fiber is also widely used in bridge and construction such fields for it can be applied for reinforcement.