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All Kinds of Carbon Fiber Tubes Manufacturer

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Prepreg Carbon Fiber Tubes Manufacturer


Prepreg Carbon Fiber material is widely used in fishing tackle, sports equipment, sporting goods, aerospace and other fields. For the military manufacturing, it is also an important material of rockets, missiles, satellites, radar, armored cars, body armor making.



high strength and low density

Prepreg Carbon Fiber material is with high strength and low density. Its can reach 6 to 12 times the strength of steel and the density only one fourth of steel.

Good plasticity

It can be made into any shape easy for molding and processing.

Prepreg Carbon Fiber material is with good corrosion resistance and long life.

Prepreg carbon fiber tube is light, with high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, electrical conductivity, excellent x-ray penetration, and other performance. It is widely used in aerospace, sports goods, medical equipment, military equipment and other areas.

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Low density:

1.52g/cm3  density which is equivalent to one fourth of steel density. And one second of aluminum density.

High strength and high modulus of elasticity:

Its strength is four to five times as strong as steel. Elastic recovery rate can reach as high as 100 percent.

Small thermal expansion coefficient:

It will not burst even facing temperature dips.

Good high/low temperature resistance:

It will not melt and soften even in 3000 degrees celsius non-oxidizing atmosphere.



By using carbon fiber material, the airplane main structure can reduce about 20 to 30 percent structural weight thus decreasing wing area, thrust area. It can also reduce engine weight and improve engine fuel efficiency.

Carbon fiber material now is widely used in military and civil aircraft. It is also been applied to unmanned aerial vehicle. Comparing to traditional metal materials and composites, carbon fiber composite material has a lightweight, high strength, anti-fatigue and anti-salt spray corrosion properties.


Factors affecting the quality of carbon fiber wing spar tube:

1. Temperature: Though it has good temperature resistance, you still need to avoid to place it in extreme temperature, for extreme temperature will decrease carbon fiber material function.

2. Humidity: Water absorption of carbon fiber composite material is determined by the matrix. Scientists have done experiments when exposed to high humidity environment, there are significant changes in weight of the fiber.

3. Shaping Process: There are a lot of carbon fiber composite molding process methods such as compression, winding, pultrusion, autoclave molding and etc. Poor technology will cause delamination, burrs and other defects seriously affecting the appearance and performance of the product.

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Carbon fiber also referred to as CF, is a kind of new fiber with 95% carbon content. It has high strength, high modulus fiber.

Carbon fiber is lighter than aluminum , but its strength is higher than steel. With corrosion resistant and high modulus characteristics, it is now has become an important material in defense and civilian industries.


Carbon fiber tube is made of high-tech carbon fiber composite material- prepreg. Carbon fiber tubing has high strength, stiffness, pressure and load-bearing capability. In addition to that, it is also light in weight and has good corrosion resistance and material stability. Meanwhile,carbon fiber tubing can display great 3D decoration effect and be the replacement of metal and engineering plastics.


Currently the vast majority of carbon fiber tube is unidirectional carbon fiber tube. It is manufactured by immersion cured resin, of course, there are a few that are made with a woven fiber cloth and carbon fiber prepreg. Carbon fiber content amount directly determine their mechanical performance and value.


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