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Carbon Composites Cylinder Compared With Steel Roller

Time:30 June 2016 Click:429

Roller is a kind of structural parts, in the field of light industry machinery (such as printing presses, the membrane machine and paper machine) have important applications. With the improvement of equipment of large scale and efficiency, roller turn composite material used by the steel material change, to reduce the deflection, ensure product quality stability. In numerous composite materials, carbon composites materials is one of the most superior, qualitative light, high strength, seismic, long service life.

If the roller size bigger, deflection and get bigger, a direct impact on product length in the direction of stress, so as to affect the product quality. With carbon composite roller was lightweight, low inertia, high rigidity, high speed and small deflection. The following specific to compare it with steel roll once:

Carbon Composites Cylinder Compared With Steel Roller

1. The modulus of elasticity, modulus of 220 gpa, rating of the steel roller carbon fiber composite materials up to 240 ~ 700 gpa, more is not easy to bend, production can be more accurate calibration.

2. The rigidity, carbon fiber composites roller is higher than steel, have a higher buffer, faster without causing serious vibration.

3. Operation temperature, the operating temperature of the carbon composites cylinder can be as high as 125 ℃, in a short period of time can be even higher.

4. And other aspects, carbon composites cylinder does not require prior like steel roll preheat operation to achieve the operating temperature of the uniform, the consumption greatly reduced due to boot.

Now some light technology of high-grade mechanical have started using carbon composites roller, most a new material, the use of carbon fiber is much more than that, it is in the aerospace, automobile manufacturing, medical equipment, high-speed rail structure, sporting goods and other industries have a wide range of applications, gradually expand the market, get the welcome of people.