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Carbon Composites

Time:21 October 2016 Click:1124

Carbon compositesmaterial is mainly composed of a special fiber of carbon elements, its carbon content varies with the species, and generally more than 90%.

Carbon composites materials have the characteristics of general carbon materials, such as high temperature, friction, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, but there are some differences with the general carbon material, its shape has significant anisotropy, soft, can be processed into Various fabrics, along the fiber axis direction shows a high intensity.

Carbon composites material has a small specific gravity, and therefore has a high specific strength.

The advantage of carbon fiber sheets
Carbon fiber sheet has the following advantages:
1, Carbon fiber sheet is quite suitable for the use of prestressed reinforcement, for it can more fully play the role of carbon fiber high strength.
2, The construction is convenient, the construction quality is easy to guarantee.
3, Carbon fiber sheer is more easy to maintain fiber straight than carbon fiber cloth, more conducive for carbon fiber to play a role.
4, A layer of 1.2mm thick carbon fiber sheet is equivalent to 10 layers of carbon fiber cloth role.