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Carbon Fiber-The Energy Conservation And Environmental Protection Material

Time:30 June 2016 Click:401

Energy and material foundation to the survival of humans, for their further research to promote the development of global economic, political and spiritual culture. But the over exploitation of energy and a large amount of exhaust gas, waste water discharge makes the ecological environment scarred, protecting the environment is imminent. Carbon fiber material, light weight, high strength, used in the manufacture of automobiles, trains, planes components can realize the lightweight, reduce fuel consumption, and the production process does not produce toxic substances, green environmental protection.

Carbon fiber is a kind of carbon content in more than 90% of the fiber material, composed of many micro crystal stack, structure similar to graphite, only 6 ~ 8 microns in diameter, about one over twenty of a human hair thickness, high modulus, high strength, low density, high temperature and low temperature resistance, resistance to friction and corrosion resistance, impact resistance, especially in an inert gas, resistant to high temperature of 2000 ℃. In general, the carbon fiber used alone, but, metal, ceramic and resin matrix composite, etc.

Carbon Fiber-The Energy Conservation And Environmental Protection Material

The specific use of carbon fiber composite material has a lot of, aerospace fields can make a spaceship, rocket, satellite shell, support;Used to make the missile shell in the military field and submarines, fighter aircraft structures; Transportation can be processed into cars, racing, high iron parts; Can be made into medical field medical board, plate, wheelchair support legs.

At first the price of the carbon fiber material is very high, with the development of economy and the improvement of technology, its price is more and more common, widely used will not a problem. Now a lot of cars, bicycles, trains are using carbon fiber and energy saving, played a good effect.