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Carbon Fiber Extendable Pole

Time:18 October 2016 Click:1024

Best extendable telescoping pole manufacturer:
1.Six-section extendable carbon fiber boom pole boom arm for photo video for sale
Application:  Carbon fiber microphone boom pole , photography& Sound Booms, carbon fiber microphone boom pole , photography &Sound Booms
Working Temperature: Normal
Length: 3m,3.3m or as requested
Surface: Natural , Matte or 3k weave
Color: Black
Service: OEM

2. Carbon fiber extendable marine antenna pole for sale
Applications: Signage, Display, Pruning, Surveying
Material: Carbon fiber  prepreg material and epoxy resin
Clamps Type: Two series "X" and "B"
Length: 18FT~84fFT

3. Extended 10m Carbon Fiber Telescopic Antenna Mast for sale
Product Type: Carbon fiber telescopic pole
C Content (%): 100%
Working Temperature: Normal
CF Content: 100%, 60%
Wall thickness: <52mm
Technology: Roll-wrapping
Applications: Display, Pruning, Surveying

Carbon fiber telescopic pole brief Introduction:
Carbon fiber telescoping pole has high strength, light weight and excellent corrosion resistance. Moreover, carbon fiber does not transfer heat as much as most metals. Our extendable telescopic poles are widely used in aviation, space flight, automobile, toy, kite, pens, handicraft, tent, windmill, umbrella, each kind of sports equipment and so on.

Our pole manufacturing technology is Roll-wrapping, not pultrusion
Advantages of rolling-wrapping poles :
1. Lighter than aluminum
2. Stiffer than steel
3. won't break
4. Looks beautiful
5. Excellent corrosion resistance
6. Excellent compression properties

Carbon fiber telescopic pole