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Carbon Fiber Products Introduction

Time:16 August 2016 Click:672

Carbon fiber composite material has shown strong vitality since it first created in 1960s. Its excellent performance is unmatched by any single material. Besides, it is with high specific strength and modulus of the performance, easy for design integral formation. It can be applied to automobile manufacturing, machinery parts, high-speed aircraft, sporting goods and etc such fields.


First, the carbon fiber composite material is an anisotropic material. Electrical, magnetic, thermal conductivity, specific heat, thermal expansion coefficient and mechanical properties are significantly different which offers more selection to design. It is with small density, specific strength, high specific modulus, seismic, fatigue resistance and high temperature resistance. It is easily form a large area than traditional metal and plastic and has an important significance meaning in achieving lightweight, energy-saving, high-precision and environmental protection effect.


Application of is the inevitable trend of the times. Application of carbon fiber composite material has become a popular trend. To some extent, it also represents the country's comprehensive national strength, growing demand and good prospects for development.

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By using carbon fiber material, it can greatly reduce aircraft weight about 20 to 30 percent while increase payload and range, improve flying machine function and decrease fuel consumption.

Carbon fiber material can help achieve integrated body design.

It can perfectly realize overall structure optimization for integrated design reduce the parts use.

Carbon fiber material can significantly lower down the maintenance cost.

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Carbon composites also play a necessary role in manufacturing rocket and satellite vehicle. Carbon fiber composites development greatly promote the overall development of space technology.

Carbon fiber with its excellent performance has been widely used in the aircraft industry. It is with high modulus, low specific gravity, light weight. Among these performance, high strength is considered as the most prominent one.

Besides, carbon fiber products also has high temperature resistance, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, high conductivity and a series of excellent performance. High material compatibility with other materials crate large design freedom. Such feature enables it be used in aerospace, sports and leisure, transportation, health care, civil construction and many other areas.