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Carbon Fiber Sheet Composite Materials Application

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Early military unmanned aircraft used as the training target, while modern aircraft is mainly used in battle and reconnaissance. Once was shot down, machine destroyed but no crash. Unmanned aircraft development soon, therefore, is expected to may develop in 2020 to 300000. Unmanned aircraft in addition to the used for military purposes, can also be used in civilian areas, such as communication interrupt, patrol the disaster and environmental monitoring, aerial photography, forest fire and weather observation, etc. As a result, unmanned aircraft will be one of the developing direction of future aircraft.

Weight loss is the eternal subject of any aircraft structure design, unmanned aircraft is no exception. America's Northrop Grumman company developed for the U.S. air force of the global hawk high-altitude long-endurance reconnaissance aircraft, in addition to the aluminum alloy is used in the main structure of the fuselage, other components using the most advanced composite materials, carbon fiber sheets accounted for 65% of the total structure. To meet the requirements of bending rigidity.

Carbon Fiber Sheet Composite Materials Application

As another example, the United States developed the teal Ⅲ type super high-altitude long-endurance unmanned aircraft, in addition to the main girder, almost all other USES carbon fiber sheet composite materials, greatly improving the ability to fly. Lockheed companies in the United States is not only making stealth fighter - 117 and F - 22 manufacturers, is also a company manufacturing a variety of unmanned aircraft.

In recent years, our country has been developing military unmanned aircraft, such as Nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics, Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics, etc, were also a lot of using advanced carbon fiber sheets composite materials. WeiHai XinBo Composite Products Co.,Ltd. is a professional composite product supplier which is committed to carbon fiber, fiberglass fabric and high performance composites products development and application.