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Colorful Fiberglass Pipe Details

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Colorful Fiberglass Pipe

After years of serving corrosion-related industries, Xinbo noticed there seemed to be no easy approach to selecting and designing fiberglass pipe (also known as GRP pipes). Most plants have worked with fabricators and engineers to custom design all fiberglass pipe (FRP) equipment. Yet there is considerable cost and effort to custom design fiberglass pipe or a fiberglass pipe system and it is not always necessary. Xinbo has found there are many applications where a standard FRP pipe product will meet all of the requirements. That’s why Xinbo has developed a standard pipe product line called Integral line.

1.Corrosion resistant
2.Light weight and super strength
3.Fiberglass rod 4)ISO9001:2000
4.Anti-flaming ,anti-corrosion, long service life
5.High could sustain its own weight,do not bend fade or disort
6.Beautiful appearance and easy-maintenance

We manufacture all kinds of color fiberglass tube. And we also can accept special custom design of fiberglass tube to meet your requirements.
Different colors of fiberglass pipe for sale

Fiberglass tubing, because of its unique performance advantages, has been widely used in industry of the aerospace, railway, building decoration, household furniture, display advertising, craft gifts, building materials, sanitary ware, yacht docking, sports material, sanitation engineering and so on. Besides, it is highly praise, becoming a darling of new era merchant in material industry. Fiberglass products are different from traditional materials products, on the performance, usage, life attributes greatly superior to the traditional products. Its easy modeling, can be customized, color the characteristics of random deployment, favored by merchants and sellers of a growing market and it has broad prospects.