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Failure Analysis Of Motorcycle Pipes 2

Time:30 June 2016 Click:422

(2)the fault phenomena of the BLACK smoke of motorcycle pipes:

Failure Analysis Of Motorcycle Pipes 2
Engine, exhaust smoke, slight petrol, and in the air refueling door is obvious. The cause of the fault may be: gas mixture too thick, spark plug working poor, ignition timing error. This kind of circumstance should examine the concentration of the mixed gases, the symptoms later, first check the throttle. In engine normal work, if there is not normal operation binding, failure, or, if there should be repair or replacement. The second is the view of air and fuel filters whether jams, etc. Check the spark plug flame out.

If the spark plugs fire weak or abnormal, fire will not be able to fully mix burning, also will appear the status of the smoke. Remove the spark plug, if the fire is normal, spark strong, spark plug trouble-free, if the spark of the spark plug is not along the electrode to beat, but all round the fire, fire spark plug is not normal, should be replaced a new spark plug, if the spark plug carbon serious cleaning, recommend replacing. Engine exhaust pipe in the process of smoke, if there are "getting" and "shooting", explain the ignition is too late. If the above situation, timely correction.

(3)the fault phenomena of the WHITE smoke motorcycle pipes:
If water is contained in fuel oil and cylinder and muffler, white smoke has been a phenomenon that shows that the fuel is unqualified, a good quality fuel oil should be replaced. If just started take white smoke, disappears after the normal operation, this kind of problem belongs to the normal phenomenon.

But an engine exhaust gas must have smoke, this is the two-stroke engine, because the design is different from a four-stroke engine, the piston reciprocating motion is no valve involved in the work, and the need for additional lubricating oil, so the engine in normal work must have blue smoke appeared.