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Global Top 10 Most Advanced Arm Robot

Time:30 June 2016 Click:440

Since last time with a slide show arm robot, we've been searching for more of the arm robot, so far we have found a large number of various kinds of related products used in medicine, space, and service robot, research, development and the assembly line. Some of the manipulator system is on the basis of industrial design on the speed or modification and become, flexibility, such as the federal institute of technology in lausanne, Switzerland, the arm robot with something quick and more. A lot of arm robot is designed to be more close to the person's action, size and shape, such as high sensitivity of the German aerospace center arm system.

Global Top 10 Most Advanced Arm Robot

Researchers in different application fields in the search for the function of the arm robot began to cross the border, and see what do they do in other disciplines colleagues. For example, the station of the Canadarm robotic arm slowly also apply to meet the needs of surgery. Is used for diagnosis of skeletal muscle disease or the biomechanics of electrode electromyography has been DEKA Integrated Solutions company applied to produce a prosthesis, and received FDA approval. STEM education there is also a good example of a company that is Darth Vader manipulator, fun is also very elegant appearance. Some of these robots have been sold in the market, some are still in the proof of concept development stage, there are some in the research and development process.

Here are 10 parts of the world's scientists and engineers to develop the arm robot.

Earlier this year, the FDA approval of the DEKA system can complete a variety of complex and powerful arm action. DEKA arm system can make patients to complete more complex than existing prosthesis can achieve the degree of movement, and in the form of more close to the real physical exercise. The battery-powered systems can be configured in the physical damage of shoulder joint, upper arm and lower arm, but not is the elbow or wrist joints. Its movements are controlled by electromyography of the electrode.

Electromyography electrode of the device can receive a residual limb in patients with the electrical activity of muscle contraction signal. Electromyography will send signals to the prosthetic processor, processor will turn them into as many as ten kinds of actions. In the experiment, the subjects can be used with prosthetic finish cooking, eating, zipper, key and lock, and brush my teeth and comb my hair.