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How to Cut Carbon Fiber Tubes?

Time:6 August 2016 Click:673

High Strength Carbon Fiber Tubing

High strength, also known as tensile strength, is the maximum stress that a material can withstand, while being stretched, before if fails. Some non brittle material distorts before breaking, but Carbon Fiber and E glass are brittle and fail with almost no distortion. Tensile Strength is measured in Force per unit area: Pa or Pascals. Ultimate tensile strength (UTS) or ultimate strength are terms also used. Stress is the force, strain is the deflection due to stress. This kind of carbon fiber tubing with high strength, which can meet high tensile requirements.

Best High Strength Carbon Fiber Tubing For Sale

How to Cut Carbon Fiber Tubes?

Carbon Fiber tubes require the right tools to cut well. Since it can result in damage to the material and can be somewhat unsafe to handle. First it requires protection for your eyes and a mask to prevent inhaling the carbon dust. It is also recommended to have a vacuum system near the cutting area to reduce the dust in the air. A high speed cutting tool is best (such as a Dremel tool), using a metal cutting blade. Another useful tool can be a high RPM router with a narrow diamond cutting tip. In both cases it may be best to mount the tool on a jig and then rotate the tube through the blade.