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How to Use Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole

Time:6 August 2016 Click:505

Carbon fiber water fed pole features:
1. Light and sturdy air cleaning tool
2. High-tech carbon fiber pole, light weight flexible. Exponentially reduce the intensity of work, improve performance
3. Nylon sleeve + wave knob, bar closely fixed without gap
4. Each separate connectors, make full use of each water fed pole uses
5. High large-area glass and window cleaning, reducing working time is more than 50%.

6. Carbon fiber material, Super toughness has been tested, 200 kg hang after 30 days in a row without distortion, the service life is more than 10 times of the no rmal service life of aluminum telescopic pole.

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Before using water fed pole to clean windows, there are some preparing work, test and practice to be down.

1.Let’s first have a look at the theory of water fed pole

First of all, how to clean windows spot-free. Most water fed pole manufacturer offers window cleaning pole with detailed learning theory, as well, XinBo Composite also offers the basic instructions. Please test it with an exam and apply it with practical experience. Please note to make the best preparations before you take the practice and do the best. Learn the best-practice in theory first and then practice good form, to become perfect at your trade.

2.Check your understanding of water fed pole efficiency and safety. Any one point not understood could result in a bad result on a customer’s home, leading to a bad experience for you, and a loss of confidence in your water fed pole system.

3.This is the time to put into practice what you have learned , how to clean windows faster and safer than using traditional methods. If you have never used a water fed pole before and you own a business, please contact XinBo, and it will provide the necessary training things.

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