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Introduction of Carbon Fiber Antenna Masts

Time:17 October 2016 Click:984

WeiHai XinBo Composite Products Co.,Ltd. is a Telescoping Antenna Mast Manufacturer.
Our pole manufacturing technology is Roll-wrapping, with spiral grain on the tube surface, not pultrusion.

Advantages of Rolling-wrapping poles :
1. Lighter weight than aluminum
2. Stiffer than steel
3. Won't break
Introduction of Carbon Fiber Antenna Masts

Telescopic antenna mast and pole:
The advantage is to avoid the tubes instantaneous drop while the clamps are in open condition. The surface of tube is resin color, wear-resistant and scratch resistant.Compared with extruded poles, tube made of roll-wrapped technology has a lighter weight, better strength and appearance.

Our clamps, made by plastic injection molding technology , with high strength PA66 material, use spring resistance design, with tube spiral lines, to avoid squeezing the operator's fingers while tubes falling down, and this kind of design also reduce the damage on the clamps
caused by severe impact . The strength of the spring resistance can be adjusted by the operator himself. Material of spring is stainless steel to avoid rust . Material of screw is aluminum anodize oxidation.