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Specifications of the Carbon Fiber Tube

Time:30 June 2016 Click:520

Compared with the traditional materials such as steel, aluminum, wood, plastic, carbon fiber performance is more superior, it is very light weight, high strength, high rigidity, resistance to acid and alkali salt and organic solution of chemical corrosion, waterproof, low thermal expansion coefficient, high X ray transmittance, friction resistance, and thermally conductive, can design sex is strong, often combined with resin plate, pipe, mechanical parts and other products used in many fields. This article, small make up to introduce to you of the specifications of the carbon fiber tube.

1, According to the different shapes can be divided into round tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes, elbow, tee, pipe can be used to kite skeleton, cases, bags, and X exhibition stand, scaffolding, special pipe is generally used in structure.

2, According to the different surface texture is twill, plain weave, not three kinds of grain. Some people think that is the carbon fiber surface has compiled grain, in fact, some carbon fiber products and metal is without grain.

3, According to the use of raw silk can be divided into different 1 k, 3 k, 12 k, etc.1 k said 1000 documentary silk is contained in a beam of strand, 3 k 3000 12000 root root, 12 k, most of them are on the market is 3 k.

4, According to the production process can be divided into different winding pipe and pultrusion. Resin pipe is dipping strand winding, winding on the mandrel, mixed curing unceasingly, this kind of method to produce products of good quality and beautiful appearance, but high to the requirement of equipment; Pultrusion tube is strand after impregnating resin through die extrusion, after completion of production does not need after processing, high efficiency, suitable for mass production, but the performance is less than the coil tube.

According to the needs of actual use, the flexibility to the carbon fiber tube design into various styles.Its long life, no matter in the humid, hot or corrosive environment can be normal use, for decades is not damaged.With the development of era, the demand of it will be more and more.