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The Advantage and Application of Carbon Composites Materials

Time:30 June 2016 Click:444

Carbon composites material is a kind of composite made of carbon fiber material, because the carbon fiber has good physical and chemical properties, high strength, high modulus, the advantages of the light quality, make him stand out in the new type of composite materials, become one of the most sought-after composites.

The Advantage and Application of Carbon Composites Materials

Carbon composites material has good performance, mainly manifested in the following respects:

With high specific strength and modulus ratio, the density of CFRP is only 1/5 of the steel, titanium alloy, a third of lighter than aluminum alloy and glass fiber reinforced plastic, make its specific strength is high strength steel, super-hard aluminum and titanium alloy 4 times the left and right of glass fiber reinforced plastic around 2 times, than the modulus is that they are more than three times. Fatigue resistance performance is very excellent, under static, CFRP loop 105 times, 90% of the ultimate strength under stress to be destroyed, and the intensity of steel can only carry the limit of 50%. And small thermal expansion coefficient, friction resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, good water resistance, good electrical conductivity and radiation as well as good permeability, make carbon composites material applied more widely.

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