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The Applications Field Of Carbon Fiber

Time:20 October 2016 Click:1160

Carbon fiber can be processed into fabric, felt, seats, tape, paper and other materials. In addition to the traditional use of carbon fiber insulation materials used for insulation, generally it is not used alone, just as a reinforcement material added to the resin, metal, ceramics, concrete and other materials, constitute a composite material. Carbon fiber reinforced composite materials can be used as aircraft structural materials, electromagnetic shielding materials in addition to electricity, artificial ligaments and other body substitutes materials and used in the manufacture of rocket shell, motor boats, industrial robots, automobile leaf spring and drive shaft. From 1994 to 2002 or so, with the staple fiber from carbon fiber to long-fiber carbon fiber academic research, the use of carbon fiber production of heating material technology and products have gradually entered the military and civilian fields. Domestic use of long-fiber carbon fiber has been made of national grid cable. At the same time, carbon fiber heating products, carbon fiber far infrared therapy products are more and more used by the ordinary people family.


Carbon fiber, a dual-use of new materials, is a technology-intensive and politically sensitive key material. Previously, the Coordinating Committee of the European Commission (COCOM) leaded by the United States conducted the embargo policy on the socialist countries. In March 1994, although COCOM was disbanded, the shadow of the embargo is still shrouded in the sky, advanced carbon fiber technology is still not cited, especially high-performance PAN-based wire technology, even if China entered the WTO, the situation will not happen big change. Therefore, Chinese people should continue to develop self-reliance carbon fiber industry, there is no other choice. Therefore, foreign countries, especially Japan and South Korea, which are the leading producers of carbon fiber, have maintained a very cautious attitude towards the export of carbon fiber materials and products in China. Only a few Chinese enterprises can establish cooperative relations with them, and have import channels for their products.

Carbon fiber is widely used in civil, military, construction, chemical, industrial, aerospace and super sports car area. For example, the carbon fiber products like carbon fiber pipe, carbon fiber wing, carbon fiber poles are used in our daily life.